Upcoming Events and Meetings
Please note:  The Mason-Dixon Business Association does not endorse candidates or political parties.  However, we do recognize the importance of citizens playing an active roll in issues that effect our community.  

  Mason-Dixon Business Association Happy Hour
Slate Farm Brewery2128 Whiteford RoadWhiteford, MD 21160

Spring has sprung! Join us at our first 2021 gathering at Slate Farm Brewery on Wed. April 21st from 5 to 7 PM! We are anxious to see everyone and hope you can attend. Denise will provide a burger, beer and fries! Additional beer/beverages and desserts will be available for purchase. Please RSVP if possible so Denise will know how many burgers to prepare. Cost is $20 and guests are welcome. Please respect current Covid guidelines.Any questions, call Susan at 717-382-4811.